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Bobby's English Tack

Self-Lined Bridle

Self-Lined Bridle




This Beautiful Round Raised Padded Bridle by Bobby's English Tack is crafted from the finest quality leather. This bridle comes with a matching round raised padded browband, noseband and crown piece. Reins included.


Exchange pieces for $10 per piece to create the perfect custom fit. Cheek pieces are exchanged in pairs.


*Due to leather variations, all measurements are approximate. Measured with bridle let out to its largest size.

Pony: 38" crownpiece, 20 1/4" noseband, 13" browband, 9" cheeks

Cob: 41" crownpiece, 23" noseband, 14" browband, 10" cheeks

Horse: 45" crownpiece, 26 1/4" noseband, 15" browband, 10 1/2" cheeks

Warmblood: 51" crownpiece, 28" noseband, 16 1/2" browband, 12 1/2" cheeks

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