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Mikmar Pony D-Ring

Mikmar Pony D-Ring


4 3/4"


The Mikmar D-Ring Snaffle incorporates the classic D-Ring style bit with their Mikmar double-jointed slanted low port mouthpiece. It is to be used without a curb strap and provides good control with excellent vertical and lateral flexion. Made from the highest quality stainless steel available. Double-jointed, lightweight, flat and wide mouthpieces feature a copper roller and a low port to comfortably and properly fit in the horse's mouth for effective results. Sends signals to the nose, mouth, chin and poll simultaneously when you apply pressure on the reins. The wide, mild mouthpiece rotates slowly downward and back to apply pressure over the tongue and bars and gives the horse an advanced signal that there is an incoming request. The copper roller stimulates saliva production with its rolling action, keeping a nervous or busy-mouthed horse pacified. Discourages the horse from putting its tongue over the bit. 


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