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Dehner Boot Measuring Instructions

Dehner Boot Measurements should be taken over clothing to be worn with the footwear (IE.. Over Breeches & Socks). If not indicated, we will assume measurements and outlines are taken over clothing. All footwear will be made to the measurements submitted…. Dehner Boot Co. does not allow returns for boots that are measured incorrectly.

Dehner Dress Boots, Dehner Field Boots, Dehner Fox Hunt Boots

Dehner Boot Measuring Instructions


Where to Measure each segment

Have your leg crossed over your other knee for foot circumference measurements – 1 thru 4. (See Diagram)

For calf circumference measurements –
5, 6, and Boot Height, place feet flat on floor. (See Diagram)

The Calf is measured around the largest part of the leg and around the
top as illustrated. (#5)

For Boot Height on riding boots, take measurement on the inside of the leg, Add 1 1/4″ for wrinkling at
ankles. Drop may very depending on lining.

Foot Outlines – Draw anoutline of your feet on a piece of paper. You should stand while making thisoutline. Stand with equal weight on both feet. Draw the outlines holding the pencil perpendicular to the paper. 

            Cross the foot tracings over the page.

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