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We stock Fox hunting and Equestrian clothing for Women including frock coats and cubbing coats  in a variety of fabrics from true tropical weights to the warmest Melton’s. We carry breeches for ladies suitable for schooling, showing and foxhunting. We also carry Women’s Show coats, Show shirts, casual riding shirts, Dressage boots and Tall hunt boots. Do you Need a pair of paddock boot? We have those too.

Equestrian Clothing for Women:

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Fox Hunting Shop is your source for top quality equestrian clothing for women, including breeches, show coats, hunt coats, show shirts, tall boots and beyond.


In general, most equestrian clothing for women is worn to provide the rider with protection, while simultaneously paying homage to tradition, especially in the case of English riding. English riding and the apparel is fairly formal and as such, it’s typically seen in the ring during exhibitions and competition.

Western apparel is much less formal, with more of an emphasis on comfort, so it’s often worn outside the ring.

For English riding, you’ll need a range of different clothing items in order to enter the competition ring and that’s precisely where Fox Hunting Shop can assist.  Today, we’ll look at traditional equestrian clothing for women who enjoy English riding.

Jodhpur Riding Pants and Ladies Breeches

Jodhpurs are the traditional riding pants that are seen on English riders. They feature a fairly loose cut to allow proper movement while mounting the horse. The loose fit also prevents the pants from cutting off circulation to the upper thigh and waist area while you’re seated on the horse.

Jodhpurs are full length pants, which typically have stirrups attached to the bottom of each pant leg to prevent them from riding up while the rider is on the horse. Most Jodhpurs have a leather or synthetic leather patch on the inner leg and sometimes on the seat.

Breeches are similar in style, except they’re a bit shorter, stopping mid-calf.  They’re designed to be worn with tall riding boots.  They also have a patch on the inner leg and sometimes on the seat. Ladies Breeches for fox hunting should be Buff, rust brown or yellow (white for staff members). They should be made of heavy cord, synthetic stretch twill, or other heavy material. Lightweight breeches made of silk or synthetic knits are not correct.

In competition, white, beige or cream colored jodhpurs or ladies breeches are commonplace. They’re often worn with a brown or black belt to complete your equestrian clothing for women.

English Riding Boots and Tall Riding Boots

English riding boots — also called tall boots — are an essential element when it comes to equestrian clothing for women. These leather or synthetic boots stop just below the knee, providing full coverage for the feet, ankle and lower legs. They can be worn with breeches or jodhpurs. Jodhpur riding boots, which are typically leather, are worn with full-length jodhpur pants, so they’re a bit shorter, stopping at the ankle. Traditional hunt boots are black calf with brown tops sewn on, well polished, no laces. Lady hunt members should wear all black or black with patent leather tops (especially with a frock coat)

English Riding Shirts for Women

In competition, English riders traditionally wear a white shirt, called a stock shirt. Ladies Hunt ShirtThis button-down shirt is made of cotton, and it’s similar to a collared shirt, except the collar does not fold over. It’s accented with a  stock tie. A gold or silver stock pin can be worn in the tie.  In less formal settings, other pastel colors can be worn instead of white. English equestrian shirts for women can be long-sleeved or short sleeved. Stock Shirts are essential equestrian clothing for women.

Women’s Riding Jackets and Fox Hunting Coats

In English riding, women always wear a jacket, which should be fitted and neutral or dark in color. Some English riding jackets are solid; others are a very subtle plaid, houndstooth or herringbone. They’re often tweed, wool or linen. Show coats and fox hunt jackets feature three buttons down the front, with two pockets and a collar.

Navy blue, Oxford and black riding coats are typical of English riding coats for showLadies Hunt Coat and competition, whereas brown, plaids and other subtle earth tones are more typical of fox hunting jackets. Suitable equestrian clothing for women.

Hunt vests can also be worn in some instances. Vests are favored during the warm summer months, when it’s too warm to wear a coat. Vest are Canary, tattersall or appropriate color designated by your hunt.

English riding jackets typically have a vent on the back edge so they fit over the back of the saddle properly.

When selecting a show coat or fox hunt coat for English riding, it’s important to purchase the proper size, as the coat must be fitted, but it must also allow for sufficient movement of the arms.

Lady Hunt Members wear a Frock or Hunting coat that is black, dark blue, tan, dark gray or dark-colored material with buttons and collar trimming adopted by their hunt. Frock coats should have rounded corners with three buttons in the front and two buttons in the back. Hunt coats have rounded corners and three buttons.

When shopping for equestrian clothing for women, it’s essential to be familiar with your club or association’s standards and guidelines. Most have very strict guidelines concerning equestrian clothing for women and men alike.

Ladies Equestrian Clothing for all disciplines.

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