Horse Health and the Traveling Rider

Horse Health and the Traveling Rider

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For our first blog entry we have decided to write about something that has been experienced all over the country this year concerning horse health; growing Farrier's Fix Hoof Care
equine disease zones and traveling in and out of them. There is no doubt that this has been a bad year for horse health. With the unseasonably wet weather much of the US has been experiencing, riders in every discipline are finding themselves thinking more and more about the risks they face when hauling their horses across state lines and into growing disease zones. So what can we do to lessen the chances of infection and help prevent the spread of disease?

Horse Health – Vaccinations

One major horse health step is making sure you stay up-to-date and knowledgeable about the vaccinations your horse needs. Keeping track of vaccination dates is a must, and you should talk to your local vet about which vaccines your horse requires if you are unsure, as it varies from region to region. When traveling, make sure your horse is vaccinated (if possible) against diseases which may be prevalent in areas that you are traveling to. Do your research and have the vaccinations done in advance so that you are not caught having to take care of them at the last minute, and keep the necessary health certificates and records in a folder in your truck or trailer for easy access should anyone need to see them.

Horse Health – Stalls and Transportation

Another important step you can take to ensure good horse health is to ensure that Trailer Washyour horse lives in and is transported in a clean and safe environment. Washing out your trailer after each use and keeping your horse’s stall fresh and clean will not only help keep potentially infected bugs at bay, but will also provide a clean canvas for you to see any symptoms of infection as your horse’s waste can be a very effective indicator of his health. If you transport a sick horse to the vet or keep him stalled, make sure that the trailer or stall is sufficiently sanitized before another horse is transported or stalled in the same area.

Horse Health – Routines and Products

These basic and effective steps will ensure good horse health and keep your horse happy on your many adventures and are achievable with just a small amount of effort that can be easily added into your regular routine with your horse, whether at home or traveling. Stocking up on trailer wash and sanitization bombs will ensure that you have access to the right level of cleaning whenever you need it. Saniguard Total Release Fogger is an instant solution for areas which you feel need to be properly sanitized, bringing hospital grade cleanliness to your stall or trailer by effectively killing germs such as Herpes, E.Coli and Staphylococcus. Browse though our horse care section and customize your own horse health routine at this page.


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