Brand Spotlight: EquiFit, inc.

Brand Spotlight: EquiFit, inc.

EquiFit, inc. T-Boots



EquiFit TBoot

Horse boots are one of the oldest accessories in horse performance, with their design and construction remainingrelatively unchanged for many years. This was until EquiFit, inc. came on the scene, with their game changing materials and revolutionary design EquiFit have taken simple horse boots and increased their performance potential by adding new materials for better fit and function to create T-Boots. EquiFit have taken T-foam, a material originally designed for extreme shock absorption in space shuttle seats that’s now used widely in hospitals and wheelchairs, and put it into their boots for superior impact absorption around horses’ tendons and joints. As well as cushioning impact, the T-foam allows for efficient heat dispersal minimizing the risk of heat damage to tendons. T-boots are designed for a snug fit that molds to the horses leg with the natural body heat of the horse and the pressure from the elasticated straps for the perfect supportive fit. As well as leg protection, EquiFit include T-foam in their standing wraps for the same support in healing. We think these boots are fantastic and are obsessed with the fit the T-foam provides. You can find EquiFit’s T-Boots and wraps on our Leg Protection page!

EquiFit, inc. AG Silver Products

More products we love from EquiFit, inc. are in their AG Silver range which combines the natural anti-microbial power of silver with multifunctional horse care products. EquiFit infuse silver into a wide variety of products including water buckets and wraps. The AG Silver technology fights microbes such as fungi, viruses and bacteria present in dirt and debris which can cause infections. Our favorite product in the EquiFit AG Silver range is the AG Silver buckets made with ionic silver which purifies water, making it taste better on top of eliminating “bucket slime”, a must-have for owners of horses in need of pure water or picky drinkers. For added sanitization use the Saniguard Fogger from EquiFit to completely disinfect small areas such as stalls and feed rooms.

EquiFit, inc. ShouldersBack

Sholder Back


Shoulders back

Now something for people! Not only do EquiFit cater for the needs of horses but they also payattention those of the rider. The EquiFit ShouldersBack gently pulls the riders shoulders into a more appropriate posture for riding, helping the rider stay taller while supporting their back. The EquiFit ShouldersBack fits like a vest and has adjustable Velcro straps for the perfect fit and can be worn in everyday training as well as under a show coat in competition. The subtle improvement in posture helps riders with back pain while aiding muscle adaptation while riding. This product is great for riders of all ages and abilities and can be worn for as little as one hour to have an effect.

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